Aerial Services


Zulu Aerial Imaging Resources (AIR) understand that the value of UAV technology comes from delivering data that matters. We are investing in the very best technology, software, and talent to ensure that the data that we deliver is meaningful. Now with the addition of our Zulu AIR Project Portal (ZAPP), end users can view AND manipulate data from anywhere with Internet access. The immediacy and measurability of the data provides the ability for lightning fast management decisions and cost savings over traditional methods.


When disasters hit, immediate aerial views are critical. Zulu AIR’s Mobile Response Units carry commercial grade equipment capable of live streaming to large screen monitors inside the comfort of the vehicle. Other capabilities include: on-demand printing and laminating of large format maps, 3d modeling, high resolution ortho-mosaic imagery, and the ability to carry items to hard to reach places.

Once the immediate danger has passed and the threat to human life is gone, the time comes to begin sorting through the wreckage. It is at this stage of any disaster that the combination of drone and image processing technology can be implemented to assist and accelerate risk assessment, collection efforts, and surety performance.


In construction site management, time and efficiency is money. UAV technology greatly enhances site management and can provide the data that allows for much faster decisions. From measurable 3d models and elevation data, to progression imagery and quality assurance, drones can cut both construction times and overall cost.


Anyone can buy a drone and become an amateur photographer. Zulu AIR has invested in professional equipment, software, and the very best talent available for a deliverable that truly sits above the rest. Our video editing team provides creative content using both aerial and ground video combining to produce cinema-grade results. Drone Mapping


Industry is quickly discovering that using UAV technology that they can not only save money, but also receive data that is far more useful and timely than traditional methods. Measurable 3d models of facilities can also be beneficial for asset planning and management. Where expensive surveys were once the only means of gathering elevation and volumes, now UAV data can give the very same data, a better deliverable, and at a fraction of the time and cost.

Our UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) enable our operators to access and collect high definition GEO- Referenced Digital imagery in the most challenging environments. Paired with state of the art image processing software our technicians can use this data to create highly detailed inspection reports that provide our Industrial customers with information that proves invaluable to asset management.

  • Definition Aerial Imaging
  • Survey  High Grade Ortho-Mosaic Mapping
  • Measurable 3D digital modeling
  • GIS Overlay services


One of the fastest growing sectors for UAV technology is agriculture. The ability to determine early crop health and apply precision remediation to failing sections is critical. Our services include: crop consulting using thermal and NIR cameras, digital surface map creation for irrigation planning and management, and image and video collection for insurance purposes.

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