Land Services

Environmentally Sensitive Land Clearing

ZMS utilizes the best and newest technologies in the land clearing industry to provide Environmentally Sensitive Solutions.
We are experts in Wetland work and Right of Way Clearing. Our on-staff certified Arborist works closely with Government agencies and developers to ensure that the job is done in an eco-friendly way. In this business it’s not only what you clear, but what you SAVE that counts!

Delivery | Planting | Maintenance Program including Pruning and Fertilization


A focal point in any landscape, our oak trees come in Fanntum nursery containers, a versatile above-ground growing container engineered with optimal plant growth, extended life, and ease of planting. When planted in the landscape, Fanntum’s unique wire basket naturally decomposes in the soil, allowing the oak tree to flourish.

Enjoy the Beauty and Strength of Live Oak Trees