Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

anchorDuring the BP oil spill, thousands of anchors were set out to anchor oil containment boom along inland areas. These anchors were abandoned causing a very dangerous situation for local commercial vessel. Zulu Marine Services was called in to locate and retrieve them.

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The Missing Lighthouse off Staten Island

oldorchardsandyIn 2012, during Hurricane Sandy, Old Orchard Light was swept off it’s foundation and disappeared into the Ocean. Zulu Marine Services donated our time and equipment to help find and map the pieces for recovery.

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New Jersey Waterway Debris Location and Removal after Hurricane Sandy

sandy boatIn late October of 2012 one of the worst hurricanes to hit the Northeast made landfall and caused billions of dollars in damage. Zulu Marine Services was a major player in the side scan sonar and bathymetric efforts to clear the waterways for safe boating.

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stack-area-of-seaviculite-area-35The Zulu Discovery Team has discovered large outcroppings of underwater Novaculite that could support a theory that changes how the very first inhabitants of North America got here.


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NOAA Tide Gauge Deployment

chief noaa gaugesAfter Hurricane Katrina Zulu Marine Services helped NOAA redeploy tide gauges.

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