Marine Services

Google Earth overlay of side scan sonar data

Remote Sensing Including Bathymetry and Side Scan Sonar

Zulu Marine Services has invested heavily in the very best remote sensing equipment on the market today, including best in class products like Klein and Odom.

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Containment Boom loaded on Zulu Chief

Oil Spill and Environmental Response

Zulu Marine has chosen Munson Landing Crafts, the absolute best work vessels in the marketplace, as our vessels of choice for environmental response.

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marinetransportandsupportMarine Transport and Support

From ship supply to high speed transport services, we can deliver product anywhere inside of 100 nautical miles of the coast between Wilmington, NC. And Jacksonville, FL.

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stack-area-of-seaviculite-area-35Underwater Exploration

Zulu Marine has invested heavily in new technologies so that we can offer the best possible, cost effective service in the marketplace, increasing the boundaries and establishing new areas of innovative ROV services and Side Scan Sonar services.

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researchandrecoveryResearch and Recovery

Zulu Marine has over 40 years of experience in underwater research, exploration, and recovery. Jim Batey, co-founder and co-owner has been involved in shipwreck and artifact recovery since 1968.

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marineplatforms3Marine Platforms

Zulu Marine Services supplies platforms for Commercial Diving, Inspection, Construction, Core Drilling, Scientific Research, or general Supply Transport.

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marinesafetyservices1Marine Safety Services

Zulu Marine Services provides 24×7 Safety and Security Services for worksites and events. Our dedicated vessels and personnel can administer safety briefings, monitor worksites, and record using video surveillance around the clock, to ensure a safe and secure site.

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