Under Sea Services


Zulu Marine utilizes VideoRay ROVs, the leader in the micro ROV segment.  Our technicians have received hands on training directly from VideoRay.   We can share live video with our clients and provide video and written reports after the job.  The ROV can be configured for many types of jobs.

Potable Water Tank Inspections
Fire Water Tank Inspections
Feed Pipe and Intake Grates
Ballast Water Tanks
Pipelines (internal and external)
DOT Pre-qualified
Power Plants
Wind Turbines
Bridge Inspection
Monitoring of divers
Search and recovery
Ground Truthing after sonar survey
Fish and habitat surveys
UWILD inspections
Service Delivery

Eliminates 4 man dive team, confined space entry, Lock Out Tag Out, and the need to build scaffolding
ROV is easily sanitized
Team is Hazwoper and fall protection trained
24/7 Response


Written report as well as video report
Report from NACE certified coating specialist or structural engineer if requested
Video overlay of depth, temperature, and heading
High definition
GIS integration


Side Scan Sonar

Side-scan sonar (also sometimes called side scan sonar, sidescan sonar, side imaging sonar, side-imaging sonar and bottom classification sonar) is a category of sonar system that is used to efficiently create an image of large areas of the sea floor. It may be used to conduct surveys for maritime archaeology; in conjunction with seafloor samples it is able to provide an understanding of the differences in material and texture type of the seabed. Side-scan sonar imagery is also a commonly used tool to detect debris items and other obstructions on the seafloor that may be hazardous to shipping or to seafloor installations by the oil and gas industry.

Zulu Marine Services has invested heavily in the very best side scan sonar equipment available today.  We are considered an industry leader when it comes to implementing the latest technological advances in all areas of underwater discovery.

Zulu Marine Services has employed this technology for the purposes of deep water exploration, shipwreck discovery, natural disaster cleanup and oil spill cleanup.  Please visit our Project Page to see samples of our work.

Here are some sample images from our side scan sonar projects completed for a variety of clients:

Side Scan Sonar Klein 3900

Side Scan Sonar Klein 3900

Side Scan Sonar Morrison's Marina

Side Scan Sonar Morrison’s Marina

Side Scan Sonar River

Side Scan Sonar River

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